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Water Jet Inlays


Water jet inlays are primarily used for decoration purposes in homes. They are specifically installed at the bottom of water fountains for exclusive and fabulous appearance. They are installed in a wide variety of shapes like rectangular, square, etc. Water jet inlays are constructed with pure natural stones like marble and granite. Granite and marble water jet inlays look elegant and pleasant and are available in various designs and colors.

Pacific Bedrock Industrial Co. Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and supply of highly finished and engaging water jet inlays. Our water jet inlays are highly popular among modern homeowners. It gives fashionable and modern look to the place. Our experienced staff is capable to create the most attractive mosaic paintings or structures at the bottom of water fountains. We are proudly producing attractive and high-quality water jet inlays for your interior and exteriors. You can give extra cool and royal look to your landscaped garden with our exquisitely created water jet medallions.

Our facility will process any cut-to-size project; enable us to manage any large-scale project on a consistent time schedule, while providing customers with economical pricing. All work is done under a strict supervision, insuring the highest quality & industry standards.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, bid on your projects, or schedule an appointment to learn more about us.

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